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Whether you are managing a single software product or the entire information operations for your company, you absolutely need your development projects to run on time and on budget. However, if you’re in a large company this is almost never the case. You have great people with very good intentions working very very hard but still it seems to take forever to get anything done. You watch your list of requirements getting “reprioritized” and you worry. You worry a lot these days because you see your competition getting to market faster, a lot faster and your company is falling behind.


The obstacles

It’s very common for the structure of the business to slow things down and make development painfully difficult. In the early days of information technology, it made sense to create silos of specialties. Unfortunately, as a company grows these silos with separate software development, operations and quality teams dramatically slow development efforts. In real life, there may be dozens of sub-teams plus very large consulting companies called in to augment your team adding their specialized teams. Large development projects often have dozens and dozens, sometimes 100s of people all split up and not playing very well together.

Each team has a supervisor, product manager, project manager and/or team leader and each team has its specialized technical skill that is rarely shared between teams. To run large projects, you need multiple skills. You need the multiple levels of technical skills that are only found in that rare, solutions or enterprise architect. You also need something even harder to find. You need someone with the seniority and leadership skills to break through the obstacles, streamline the handoffs from one team to the next and mentor new agile development skills.

The experience

OSG has 25 years of history with some of the largest and the most demanding companies in the world. Every engagement includes one or more enterprise or solutions architect with the real-life leadership experience to successfully lead some of the most complex IT projects in the world.

"As a 5-time CIO I learned that building teams is not only about having the best employees, but having the best partners. I call the talented professionals at OSG "Seal Team Tech". OSG has the talent and capability that far exceeds the norm. Be it deNovo builds, or remediating ailing platforms, OSG delivers. OSG cares about my success and the success of the companies they serve before their own. Lastly, they hold themselves accountable and to a standard that brings the highest level of value - every time, every project. My go-to partner!"

Vic Pepe
5- time CIO & Executive Technology Leader

OSG has been innovating solutions to the most difficult IT challenges

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