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When your company learns that it doesn’t have the resources to successfully complete your most important IT projects, what are your choices? You could try to hire top people quickly. But in this job market, that may prove to be very difficult. You could hire a very large consulting firm but unless your organization is set up to manage that relationship and all the new people that come with it, that option will likely take more time than you have and produce mixed results.

OSG is the smarter option. Like a special forces team in a military operation, we have a smaller footprint but we bring in the absolute best of the best to work side-by-side with your team. Click Capabilities to see how OSG can help your company.


What kind of project does your company need help with?

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we are most often called to help with.

Jump Start Project

A Jump Start Project is usually a situation where OSG is being brought in after a project has gone terribly wrong. One example of this happens when a Fortune 500 hundred company chooses a low bid, offshore software development company to create a massive ERP or eCommerce system. The results are often poorly documented software that only works under the most ideal conditions. As soon as a new feature or requirement is added it breaks. For some companies this type of situation is nothing less than a disaster. Click How We Do It to see how OSG can help your company.

Mission Impossible Project

A Mission Impossible Project is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a project that for whatever reason is impossible for the company to complete successfully with its current resources including the resources of its largest consulting vendors. Usually these huge projects are well underway before the realization is clear that it’s never going to happen in the time frame that is required…not even close. Click How We Do It to see how OSG can help your company.

End-To-End Project

Most of the End-To-End projects that we lead are large, complicated, projects that are absolutely critical to the business. These projects are often modifications or completely new versions of the core software that the business leverages for its day to day activities. When adding up all the business requirements stakeholders and the technical resources, both internal and external, there are often hundreds of people to manage and report to.

These are the projects that only a few companies in the world can manage successfully and OSG is one of those companies. These projects require the most current technical capabilities plus the leadership skills that can only come from years and years of experience. OSG brings one more element to the mix and that’s innovation.

Innovation is born from necessity and all of our other Jump Start and Mission Impossible projects bring with them the opportunity to learn from dozens of options that have failed before we were called in to help. Those projects also allow us to push the limits because they are already in trouble. The internal teams at those companies are much less resistant to new ideas because the situations demand it.

Our End-To-End projects benefit from these experiences because we already know what doesn’t work. We know how to avoid the obstacles that most development teams have yet to experience. Our Solutions and Enterprise Architects are second to none in the industry and can lead your most important IT development projects to success, on time and on budget. Click How We Do It to see how OSG can help your company.

OSG has been innovating solutions to the most difficult IT challenges

for over 25 years